Business Insurance

Whether you own a new or an established business, we want you to make sure your team’s hard work and your investments are adequately protected with business insurance. We also want to ensure your insurance costs are spent as efficiently as possible so you can optimize your insurance coverage while minimizing the insurance costs required to achieve this coverage, letting you invest more in your core business.

Do I Need Business Insurance?

Similar to individuals, businesses have property they need to protect and to make sure they are financially responsible if something unfortunate happens to a customer or employee the business may be liable for. While each business is unique, some common risk exposures for businesses include:

  • Business Auto – provides liability coverage for accidents caused by company vehicles, while protecting potential damage to vehicles from collisions and other loss causes.
  • Workers' Compensation - protects employees should they be harmed on the job.
  • Business Property – protects business assets such as computers, inventory, buildings, and special equipment needed to run your business.
  • Liability – coverage for premises and product liability.
  • Business Interruption – income protection options are available for lost income and extra expenses if businesses are closed due to government action (e.g., COVID) or catastrophes.
  • Bonds – when your client demands a performance bond to ensure contract performance.

What Industries Do We Insure?

Auto Services

Auto Body, Auto Repair, Car Washes.


Accountants, Advertising, Architects, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, and Tax Preparers.


Carpenters, Electricians, Excavation, Handymen, HVAC, Janitorial, Landscaping, Masonry, and Plumbing.

Medical Office

Chiropractors, Dentists, and Doctors/Physicians.

Personal Care / Pet Services

Barbers, Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Pet Day Care, Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, and Veterinarian Services.

Restaurants & Food Service

Bagel Shops, Donut Shops, Ice Cream Shops, Juice Bars, Delicatessens, Family Restaurants, Fast Food Establishments, Fine Dining Restaurants, Mobile Food Trucks, Pizza Parlors, and Sandwich Shops.


Antiques, Art Galleries, Bookstores, Clothing, Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Florists, Furniture Stores, Gift Shops, Hardware Stores, Health Food, Hobbies and Collectibles, Lawn Supplies, Liquor, Meat/Fish & Poultry, and Pet Stores.


Apartments, Churches, Condominium Associations, Dry Cleaners, Farms, Funeral Homes, Laundromat, and Non-profits.


Computer Installation & Repair, IT Consultants, Software Development, and Website Developers/Designers.

Even if you don’t see your exact industry above, please reach out to us to learn more about how we can help map out your company’s unique risk profile and develop a cost-effective insurance solution to protect your business risks.