Home Insurance

What would happen if there was a sudden fire, theft, or storm that caused significant damage to your home? Would you have enough money to replace your personal belongings? If you couldn’t live in the house while it was being repaired, would you have enough income to rent a similar house while your own was being rebuilt? Do you have enough liability coverage if someone were accidentally injured on your property?

There are many reasons to purchase homeowner’s insurance, and these are just a few. The basic coverages in a Homeowners policy include:

  • Property Damage - This section of your policy pays for any repairs to your home and reimbursement for personal items if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered peril.
  • Liability - If a visitor is injured while visiting your home or you accidentally damage someone else’s property, liability coverage protects your personal assets from being required to meet that expense while also providing a legal defense, if necessary.
  • Loss of Use - This part of your policy pays to help you find a temporary place to live, such as an apartment or hotel room, if you can’t reside in your home after significant loss.

Given the uniqueness of each home, underwriting and pricing for Homeowners is typically more involved than Auto insurance pricing. Since pricing and underwriting can be more variable, we work with a multitude of different insurers to ensure to best price for each client’s home.

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